Using the Open Annotation Data Model for Shareable Annotations

Workshop Agenda

Thursday - 24 March 2011

8:30 AM Welcome & Open Annotation Project Overview (Tim Cole)
9:00 AM
Introduction to the OAC Shareable Annotation Date Model & Ontology
(Herbert Van de Sompel & Rob Sanderson)
Technical Overview
Machine Readable Annotations
10:30 AM Break
10:45 AM
USE CASES -- Annotation of marked-up text, including TEI
Chair & discussion facilitator: Allen Renear
Annotation Supporting Collaborative Development of Scholarly Editions
(Jane Hunter & Anna Gerber)
Annotating Texts in the Brown Digital Repository (Andy Ashton)
Discussion - 40 minutes
12:15 PM Lunch (provided) -- continued discussion in small groups
1:15 PM
USE CASES -- Annotating Scientific Literature
Chair & discussion facilitator: Herbert Van de Sompel
Annotating the Biomedical Literature through Text Mining (Karin Verspoor)
Production Publishing Considerations for Annotating the Scientific Literature (Ron Daniel)
Annotation Ontology and SWAN Annotation Tool (Paolo Ciccarese)
Discussion - 25 minutes
2:45 PM Break
3:00 PM
USE CASES -- Annotation of time-based media
Chair & discussion facilitator: Jane Hunter
Subscription Streaming Video Content (Jim Smith & Aaron Wood)
Annotation for Ethnographic Video and Audio (Will Cowan & Alan Burdette)
Discussion - 40 minutes
4:30 PM Perspectives on the Project and Day 1
5:00 PM Adjourn Day 1

Friday - 25 March 2011

8:30 AM
USE CASES -- Annotation of manuscripts & other coordinated text & images
Chair & discussion facilitator: Christine McWebb
Shared Canvas: Interoperability for Digitized Medieval MSS Repositories Part 1 & Part 2
(Ben Albritton & Ron Sanderson)
Giacomo Leopardi's Zibaldone: a hypertext template for scholarly annotation
[Zibaldone Sample] (Silvia Stoyanova)
MARGOT Annotation Tool (Christine McWebb)
Discussion - 25 minutes
10:00 AM BOF Break
10:45 AM
USE CASES -- Annotation of maps & geographic texts
Chair & discussion facilitator: Rob Sanderson
Historic Map Annotations with YUMA (Bernhard Haslhofer)
An OAC-Compliant Toolbox (Shannon Bradshaw)
Discussion - 40 minutes
12:00 PM Next Steps (Tim Cole, et al)
12:15 PM Action Item Summary (Tim Cole, et al)
12:30 PM Adjourn Workshop
1 - 3 PM Room Available