Phase I Advisory Board

  • Maristella Agosti
    Professor of Computer Science, Department of Information Engineering
    University of Padua
  • Geoffrey Bilder
    Director of Strategic Initiatives
  • John Bradley
    Senior Analyst for Humanities Computing, Centre for Computing in the Humanites
    King's College London
  • Gregory Crane
    Professor of Classics
    Tufts University
  • Paul Eggert
    Australian Research Council Professorial Fellow
    Australian Scholarly Editions Centre
  • Julia Flanders
    Director, Women Writers Project
    Brown University
  • Cliff Lynch (Chair)
    Executive Director
    Coalition for Networked Information
  • Cathy Marshall
    Senior Researcher
    Microsoft Research
  • Martin Mueller
    Professor of English & Classics
    Northwestern University
  • Geoffrey Rockwell
    Professor of Philosophy and Humanities Computing
    University of Alberta
  • David Ruddy
    Director, E-Publishing Technologies
    Cornell University Library
  • Joyce Rudinsky
    Associate Professor, Communication Studies
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Mackenzie Smith
    Associate Director for Technology
    MIT Libraries
  • Amanda Ward
    Head of Platform Technologies
    Nature Publishing Group
  • John Wilbanks
    Vice President
    Science Commons